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House Clearance in Frankfurt am Main
and the Rhein-Main-Area

At Company B & J we specialise in all types of house and office clearence:
flats, houses, offices, hotels, lofts, attics, garages, storage facilities, etc.

Drawing on 5 years experience, we provide a fast, efficient, reliable and professional house clearence service to the public and commercial organisations.

We clear anything from anywhere, and can handle any house clearance job, no matter how big it is.

We clear your house completely and leave it clean and tidy ready for sale or transfer.

Three Easy Steps:

1. You contact us at:
or call us on
0 1 7 3 - 8 4 0 5 9 3 0 (Miss Haydock)
and we make an appoinment to visit you.

2. We discuss the finances and suitable time to carry out the job with you and finalize the agreement.

3. We arrive at the agreed time and carry out the job.

Contact us for free no obligation house quotation today.